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Lonsdale Quay 21/30
  • For the second time this month, I decided to paint a rotating sign! This was a risky painting spot, because between the wooden bench slats there was a big drop into the sea. I’m pretty clumsy and would never forgive myself if I dropped one of my paintbrushes down there. I’m pleased to say I didn’t!
    Painting into the sun was quite difficult. I was struggling to make out the colours on the Q as it was spinning around. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out though!


    Painted as part of PleinAirpril challenege 2024, where I painted outside every day for the whole of April.


    An original gouache painting on 250gsm mixed media blue paper by Clairefontaine.

    Lonsdale Quay 21/30

    • Dimensions 4 1/8x 4 1/8 inches
      Orientation Square
      Materials Gouache on blue 250gsm heavyweight paper